WalkingInBangkok is an exercise in media production: taking long walks around this extraordinary city with a "point-of-view" gimbal video-camera and recording the day to day life as it is.

I am discovering Bangkok by walking through its urban scene and learning more about the fascinating culture of Thailand and its people.

Videos are recorded with an OSMO Pocket gimbal camera -a MUST for urban videographers. Videos are edited and prepared with VSDC Video Editor. Compression by Handbrake.

My videos follow these rules:

  • Minimal editing -only fade-ins and fade-outs.
  • "Point of view" camera; attached to a backpack.
  • Ambient light.
  • Minimal titles: one or two-line cue-cards for locations and commentary. No credits.
  • Ambient sounds and noises, with no dialogue or voice-over.

You will notice that most rules resemble Lars von Trier's Dogme 95.

Other sources of inspiration that must be credited are:

My photos follow these rules:

  • Minimal editing, preproduction or filters. If any, this will be noted in the photo info.
  • Some photos are "shot from the hip". With all the blemishes this means.
  • Ambient light. If artificial, this will be indicated.
  • Interaction with the subjects is a thorny issue. I ask permission and smile while I point my camera. Otherwise I try to be as unobtrusive as possible. This is a good article about interacting with your subject in street photography.
  • I avoid taking photographs of distress, pain and exploitation. Bangkok already has all of those, in spades. The photos in this website are a reminder of my love for Bangkok.

    take care - Carlos Mari